Welcoming Fall Max Mara Style

My two favorite souvenirs from travels in years past have been beautiful coats from Max Mara, my favorite Italian fashion brand. We don’t have much need for thick heavy coats in California but with fall and winter being my favorite times of the year, I can never resist buying a new coat. Given that today is the first day of fall, I had to share pictures from the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar featuring a few beautiful coats from Max Mara. The model is Grace Gummer who is the daughter of the Meryl Streep and Don Gummer. Grace teamed up with Max Mara to do a photo shoot to celebrate Women in Film, a nonprofit organization that promotes equal opportunities for women in the entertainment industry. According to Harper’s Bazaar “Grace is an actress who combines a strong talent with a playfulness, originality, and intelligence that’s also expressed through her style”. I bet we’ll be seeing much more of Grace. In the meantime, I have to make sure I check out the latest from Max Mara before heading back home to the States.

grace gummer max mara fall coatsgrace gummer max mara fall coats Reviving Charm 2grace gummer max mara fall coats Reviving Charm 3



I don’t know if this year is officially the coldest winter in Southern California but some days it sure feels like it.  We usually don’t have much of a need for coats in California but this year with the dip in temperatures I decided to purchase three new coats. Three new black coats. However, with red seeming to be the color designated for the month of February, I just might need to purchase another coat..this time in red. I have found that red is usually a color that people love or hate. I choose to embrace it, especially if I can look as stylish and chic as these lovely ladies.

Women's fashion | Chic white outfit with collarless red coat: Street style: The Duchess of Cambridge wore a red Armani coat and her Strathearn tartan scarf for a visit to the new Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Centre at Dumfries House in Ayrshire today. April 5, 2013: that coat: 10+Style+Bloggers,+10+Very+Clever+Outfit+Tweaks+via+@WhoWhatWearUK: red: by james blite: