I wasn’t intending on going to the Farmer’s Market this morning but I was in the vicinity and made my way there in hopes of finding some fresh flowers. I ended up buying a total of 4 bundles of flowers and for $15.00 I was able to make 3 simple flower arrangements. I love having fresh flowers in our home and if there isn’t anything in the garden blooming then I might have to make a trip to the Farmer’s Market a regular routine. simple flower arrangements calla lily flowers reviving charm 1

Given that magenta is one of my favorite colors I was immediately drawn to the beautiful rich color of these calla lilies. I cannot take credit for this arrangement design because I “borrowed” it from the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel, California. I love the simplicity and elegance of it.  I simply tied the bundle with a strand of double faced satin ribbon. I placed the bundle in a beautiful Orrefors crystal glass vase that was a wedding present to Mr. B and I over 18 years ago. You can purchase something similar here. The lilies will look lovely when they start to droop over the side of the vase a bit.

simple flower arrangements reviving charm

Next up…I gathered the remaining 3 bundles of flowers and a variety of containers in various shapes and sizes.

simple flower arrangements using flowers from farmers market

In the end I opted to make one large and one small arrangement. The large arrangement stands at 29 inches tall and is contained in a glass vase I found at Goodwill for a mere three dollars. I like how the base of the vase is a thick, substantial piece of glass. It adds a nice decorative touch but more importantly it helps weight the vase down to keep it from tipping over.

simple tall flower arrangement purple yellow reviving charm

I chose to put the remaining flowers into a white pitcher. The purple flowers will look pretty against the yellow “filler” flowers once they bloom. I always forget the name of these purple flowers. Does anyone know? purple and yellow simple flower arrangement reviving charm

Fresh flowers decorate the soul.   –Reviving Charm

simple flower arrangements purple and yellow reviving charm

So there you have it…the easiest flower arrangements ever. Now I just have to decide on a location for each of them. By the way, they were each photographed sitting on the octagon entry table that is a project in the works. I will be sure to share that project once it is complete.


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