It’s week 3 of 6 of the One Room Challenge. We are halfway through. Yikes…

Confession: I still haven’t finished painting. My schedule originally called for painting to be done within the first week. In order to catch up my Friday night will be spent with a Purdy roller brush in one hand and a bucket of paint in the other. Good times.  

I was out of town this past weekend  visiting family and somehow managed to leave my laptop behind. Unfortunately it means having to adjust my ORC schedule again to account for retrieving it. I will be making the 140+ mile round trip to pick it up this upcoming weekend. Nothing like another curve ball thrown your way! Surprisingly I’m not concerned although I probably should be. There’s nothing like working under a little added pressure. It will be fine…I just keep telling myself that. I know many are doubtful but I will get this done!

I had a few unknowns going into the One Room Challenge. One of them was not having a new office chair selected. I knew I wanted something antique or vintage and I was hoping (actually praying) that something I love would cross my path before I reached the end of the Challenge. I was concerned I wouldn’t find a chair in time and end up with an unfinished room. Or worse yet, buy something I wasn’t completely happy with. I am happy to report that neither situation will be the case. I scoured my resources and even turned to Craigslist (admittedly, out of curiosity). I’ve read about how people have scored some great furniture finds on the cheap and I was hoping I could have a similar story. I have never purchased anything from Craigslist but took a leap of faith when I came across the chair you see below. It was love at first sight, flaws and all. Don’t overlook well-made pieces just because they might have some defects. After all, don’t we all?

one room challenge before reviving charm desk chair

Actually getting the chair was quite the ordeal. I inquired about it about two weeks ago. The seller and I couldn’t find a good time to meet because we were both out of town on alternating weekends and meeting up during the week would not work. Luckily, Mr. B met the seller at his furniture warehouse this past weekend. My heart sank when I received a text from Mr. B that said “They can’t find the chair”. It took over an hour to find the chair after searching through a huge warehouse full of furniture. When I came home to find my new/old chair sitting in the living room I was happy that the hunt for the perfect chair was over. Then came the next wave of slight panic when I thought about needing to get it painted with a fresh coast of bright white paint and reupholstered in a light pink linen. I have vision when it comes to making over things that are old, tired and worn and this piece will be the recipient of a beautiful makeover. I’m really happy to be reviving charm back into this vintage piece.

There is quite the debate about whether or not to paint furniture. I do like the look of some painted pieces and think it is perfectly fine to paint a piece of furniture if it’s not particularly valuable. However, I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my own furniture and I will admit that painting this chair actually makes me nervous. I think my nervousness stems from the fact that I tend to tire of things quickly. I am afraid that the moment the paint is dry I will be thinking of its next incarnation. I keep reminding myself that “it’s just a chair“. I also keep reminding myself that sometimes it is good to break free from self-imposed design rules and just go for it.

Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful.” –Rose Tarlow, Interior Designer.


The chair makeover is still on the list of things to do and I am planning to drop it off at the upholsterer this weekend. For now enjoy the inspiration board I created to serve as a jumping off point for the chair’s new look. I am hoping to turn this chair into something special and lovely. I actually have two different upholstery ideas, one of which may incorporate some dressmaking details into the design. You will have to wait for the final reveal in week 6 to find out what I am talking about. Is that a good enough cliff hanger for you?

reviving charm one room challenge office chair inspiration

That’s it for this week. Not a whole lot accomplished but finding a chair was a huge deal and I am so happy I can cross this off the list. I also picked up a few accessories at estate sales this past weekend and the small (6″x 6″) piece of original artwork (show below) arrived on Monday. When it comes to artwork for the space, I came up with a last minute idea that may or may not get incorporated into the design. It will be a last minute decision. But don’t worry, if it doesn’t make it into the room it will definitely be the topic of an upcoming post.


  • Find desk chair.
  • Finish painting walls. 
  • Paint window trim and closet door.
  • Order area rug.
  • Hang light fixture.
  • Install one new receptacle outlet.
  • Buy fabric for chair and have  it reupholstered and painted.
  • Buy supplies to make a bulletin board.
  • Order window coverings (I’m sure the neighbor’s will appreciate this one!)
  • Frame artwork.
  • Spray paint accessories.
  • Freak out because there are only 3 weeks left in the challenge.
  • Other….(because I am sure I am forgetting something!)

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Thanks for following along!   XOXO, V.


  1. Wanda @ From House To Home says:

    I love your chair and your mood board for it…can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done! Good luck with getting the painting finished this week!

  2. Karen B. says:

    I think the chair will look great painted, especially with pink linen on the seat. I think that even if you don’t make the deadline, the exercise in finishing the room will be great because you’ll have the study you’ve wanted. Good luck with the painting, what a way to spend a Friday evening after working all week! 🙂

    • Reviving Charm says:

      I’m happy you weighed in on the decision to paint the chair. Thanks for the well wishes…ill take it! It’s midpoint and so much to do. My fingers are crossed in hopes of crossing the finish line.

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