“A Rose”, circa 1936

The world of medicine surrounds me and given the fact that I spent some time at the hospital on Monday, I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t a coincidence yesterday when I heard about a current art exhibit at the Joseph Bellows Gallery in one of my favorite vacation spots: La Jolla, California.

The Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, California is hosting an exhibit entitled “Floral Studies” featuring original x-ray photographs by Dr. Dain L. Tasker.  The photographs of flowers were taken in the 1930’s by Dr. Dain L. Tasker (1872-1964) who was the chief radiologist at Wilshire Hospital in Los Angeles. Tasker had no formal training in photography but began exploring his artistic talents through the world of radiology after seeing an x-ray of an amaryllis taken by a physicist he knew.  What resulted were beautiful black and white images with graceful lines of flowers and plant forms that continue to be relevant today. Dr. Tasker’s work successfully marries science and art which resulted in a beautiful collection of botanical photographs.  A collection of Dr. Tasker’s work is currently view at the Joseph Bellows Gallery through February 19, 2016. I sure hope I get an opportunity to view the exhibit before it ends. What an excellent excuse to schedule a trip to La Jolla!

”Flowers are the expression of the love life of plants.”  –Dr. Dain L. Tasker

“Tulip”, circa 1931

“Peruvian Daffodil”, circa 1938

“Philodendron”, circa 1938

“Lotus”, circa 1930’s

“California Holly”, circa 1937

“Fuschia”, circa 1938

“Lily”, circa 1930’s

Floral Studies is on display through February 19, 2016 at:

Joseph Bellows Gallery
7661 Girard Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
Tel (858) 456-5620

Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm, and Saturday by appointment

A limited edition book featuring Tasker’s work can purchased through Stinehour Editions.

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