One of two card designs chosen for 2015.

Someone recently posed the question “Is the Christmas card dead?” And yesterday someone told me “Sending out Christmas cards is a waste.” Obviously, sending out holiday cards is a very personal thing but it is a tradition I enjoy year after year. We live in an age where technology is king but there is something satisfying about sending a tangible card that I personally selected. As a recipient, a hand addressed envelope arriving snail mail to a physical mailbox, as opposed to being delivered to my iPhone inbox, is something I most definitely appreciate. This is especially true during the holiday season.

Each year I usually purchase only one style of card.  This year, a one-size-fits-all didn’t quite fit the bill so I purchased two styles of cards. Although both cards are very different in style each are very simple in design. One serves as our Christmas greeting while the other serves as an invitation to Christmas Eve dinner. In some instances, certain people may receive both cards.

This year I also decided to grace each envelope with a collage of vintage postage, colors of which match the enclosed card or invitation. I sent out two separate batches of Christmas cards a few days ago and I am already receiving comments from family and friends saying how much they enjoyed receiving this special little piece of mail. “I don’t want to throw away the envelope,” one person commented.

Reviving Charm Christmas Cards 3

Reviving Charm vintage stamps 1

A glittery blue card with “Noel” printed in cursive script on the front cover was selected for use as an invitation to Christmas Eve dinner.  I particularly like this card because it coordinates extremely well with the coastal theme selected for one of our two Christmas trees this year. The collage of vintage blue postage on the face of each envelope was intentionally selected to coordinate with the card/invitation.

By the way, did you know that today is actually National Christmas Card Day. If you haven’t already sent out your holiday cards, be sure to get them in the mail very soon. Sending them out early will help avoid post office delays during this busy time of the year. Sending them out early also means more time for the recipients to enjoy them. That reminds me…I have one more batch of cards to send off. Off to the post office I go…


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