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Buon Giorno! Mr. B and I have been to Italy many times, it is our first trip to Turin located in the northern part of the country. We’ve been planning this vacation for months and I have to admit that visiting this town is one of the things I had been looking forward to the most. I was happy to read an article last week in Conde Nast Magazine referring to it as “the Paris of Italy”. It made me feel like we made the right choice about spending a few days here. I had a feeling I would love this town and my suspicions were confirmed after checking into our hotel room and briefly walking around the city. After the long flight from California, I was thrilled to check into our first hotel, The Turin Palace for a good nights sleep. I was very happy to see that the hotel was every bit as modern and elegant and the website pictures. Our room is comfy and spacious with a nice quiet patio facing the quiet side of the street. So far so good! And if all goes as planned, I am hoping to use the spa amenities after a long day of exploring the city today. Ciao.

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    • Reviving Charm says:

      Grazie Mille. Thank you so very much my dear friend! And thank you for thinking of me and passing along the article. In our short time here we’ve already been to one place in the article and going to another today with a few more we plan to check out!

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