Vogue Living + Schumacher = A Great Collaboration

A couple of great forces came together recently. Vogue Living and Schumacher, my one of my favorite textile companies, debuted the new “Vogue Living” collection earlier this week. The fabric and wallpaper collection was a result of a collaboration between Schumacher, including creative director Dara Caponigro, and Vogue’s International Editor at Large, Hamish Bowles. The collection is full of romantic florals, charming checks, and beautiful trellis and stripe patterns, to name a few! Read more about the inspiration behind the collection on Vogue.vogue living and schumacher 3vogue living and schumacher 4vogue living and schumachervogue living and schumacher 1vogue living schumacher collection 2vogue living schumacher collectionvogue living and schumacher 2schumacher vogue living collectionvogue living collection schumacher 3vogue living and schumacher collaborationvogue living collection schumacherschumacher vogue living collectionvogue living and schumacher 5

All images via Vogue and Schumacher. Graphic collages created by Reviving Charm.

3 thoughts on “Vogue Living + Schumacher = A Great Collaboration

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Hi my friend! Yes, it’s interesting how we’ve come full circle with wallpaper. But as much as I like it, I can’t find myself committing to it anytime soon since I have the tendency to tire of my decor rather quickly. But I can definitely appreciate it. And every now and then I’m tempted by all the great patterns offered these days. Maybe a little bit of wallpaper to spruce up the inside of a closet would be great for someone like me…it can be a nice hidden surprise when I open the closet doors.

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