In Friday’s post, I mentioned wanting to buy a few new varieties of camellias for our garden this past weekend. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t rain because Mr. B and I planned on paying a visit to Nuccio’s Nurseries located in Altadena, California. We headed out to Nuccio’s yesterday. It was gloomy and wet but we had no rain during our visit. Mother Nature was on our side. We were off to a great start! nuccios-nursery-sign-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm

Since 1935 the Nuccio family has grown their nursery business into a one that has become somewhat of a horticultural niche specializing in camellias and azaleas known across the globe. We traveled over an hour to Nuccio’s and while we were there we encountered another couple from Montecito, California who happened to be repeat customers. That’s easily over a two-hour drive away…on a good day. And while speaking with one of the owner’s he mentioned something about an out of state customer. Even domestic goddess Martha Stewart has paid a visit.

As you walk up to the main entrance of the nursery you are greeted by a sign asking you not to start picking out flowers without the help of a salesperson. I was happy to see this because I came armed with specific questions and the help of a professional is something I already knew I would need. nuccios-nursery-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm

When we walked in, Mr. B and I made a beeline for a display table filled with a wide array of camellia cuttings. We oohed and ahhed over the beautiful flowers; most of which we had never seen before. We were greeted by one of the owners, Jim Nuccio, who was very friendly and so very helpful. We mentioned a few qualities and characteristics that we were looking for in a camellia. Base on our needs, Jim was able to immediately narrow down a few varieties for us that were located on the cutting table. The cutting table is genius as it makes the selection process so much easier with so many varieties in one central location. Jim also brought out a huge photo album full of pictures for additional options. The book is not tabbed nor does it have page numbers but Jim went straight to the pages that would be most helpful for us and highlighted a few additional plant options. He definitely knows his stuff! I was originally concerned that the process might be a bit daunting but Jim made it easy-peasy.  Thanks, Jim! 


Here is the cutting table showing off the dazzling array of colorful blooms. Each flower is labeled by name. Below are some of the famous Nuccio’s Jewel variety.camellia-varieties-nuccios-altadena-via-reviving-charm-1

We decided to purchase a couple of the Ferris Wheel camellias because of their beautiful show-stopping color and pattern. ferris-wheel-camellia-by-reviving-charm-1a

camellia-varieties-nuccios-nursery-altadena-via-reviving-charmCamellias are slow growing and they tend to grow upward. There is one area in our garden that we were hoping for a smaller variety. With the assistance of Jim, we selected Bonanza that has a smaller flower and grows bushier rather than upright. We debated about purchasing it in white but we selected it in red as shown below. nuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charmnuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm-1a

After we made our purchase, we wandered through the nursery and took a ton of pictures. Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to look at. nuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm-1

I love that I was able to capture a few bees in my pictures. I have read that the bee population is declining so adding flowers to the garden is a great way to do our small part in helping them. Actually, it is something we mutually benefit from. nuccios-nurseries-altadena-california-via-reviving-charm-2

Nuccio’s Nurseries also has a cutting table for many of the azalea’s they offer up for sale.

I particularly liked the Green Glow for its unusual color and Baker’s Lavender for its feminine frilly petals. bakers-lavendar-azalea-via-reviving-charm

We didn’t come to Nuccio’s expecting to buy azaleas. However, when we saw Duc de Rohan we fell in love with its unusual salmon/pink color and decided to purchase it also.

We ended up purchasing a total of six plants so if anyone needs me this morning you can find me in the garden planting our new lovelies. camellias-and-azaleas-reviving-charm

If you are unable to visit Nuccio’s they will ship to you. However, if you are in Southern California I strongly urge you to visit Nuccio’s Nurseries for yourself. It’s tucked off a tiny road that we actually missed but once inside you will be rewarded with a beautiful selection and wonderful service. nuccios-nurseries-contact-information-via-reviving-charm

Important note: Nuccio’s only accepts cash or check. If you find yourself short on cash they will allow you to mail in a check. Yes, you read that right! This is truly a family operated business and it is refreshing to know that they operate the good ‘ol fashion way.

To learn more about Nuccio’s check out this video segment by Martha Stewart and visit Nuccio’s website.



  1. Karen B. says:

    I have only been once, but it was a memorable visit and the variety they sell can be overwhelming if not for the help of their trained staff.
    Beautiful choices and inspiring photographs. You’ll have to share your yard with us sometime.

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Hi Karen, I had a feeling you may have been there. It really is THE place for specialty varieties. Our yard is a work in progress and do hope to share one day! Have a great rest of the weekend! I’m off to the garden to start planting in a few minutes….I was waiting for it to warm up a bit but I think I just have to bite the bullet and get out there before the day passes me by.

  2. Gerri says:

    I can’t wait to see photos of your garden! Our garden was really wiped in a recent freeze. I am looking forward to getting started on some spring planting!

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Gerri, I can’t imagine a deep freeze when today it’s supposed to be in the low 70’s and sunny today here in Los Angeles. Don’t worry…spring will be here before you know it and new planting can begin

      • Gerri says:

        We have the strangest weather here. The temperatures will dip to freezing for a couple of days and then soar back to the 70s. Our plants go into shock and don’t know what to do! All is well. Spring will be here soon! 🌺🌸🌼

  3. After Orange County says:

    I am delighted to learn of this wonderful nursery. Visiting gardens and nurseries is a favorite pastime, although I usually have to drag my husband along who isn’t the biggest fan. Altadena is such a lovely area, now I have a good excuse for an excursion. And, I believe both Azaleas and Camellias with grow up here in Lake Arrowhead. Thanks for the great tip!

    • Reviving Charm says:

      It’s a great resource and if you have questions, give them a call. They are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. The nursery is not to far from Descanso Gardens so if you pay Nuccio’s a visit you might want to head over to Descanso as well. Maybe you can bribe your husband with lunch at Julienne’s since you’ll be down the mountain and somewhat in the area!

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