I am a beauty product junkie and my favorite lipsticks are by YSL. My current favorite shade is a beautiful wine color (No. 54 – Prune Avenue-Dark Maroon). The little gold tubes make me very happy and are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Speaking of the French designer Yves Saint Laurent….

YSL lipstick watercolor via RevivingCharm blog

Original photo via Reviving Charm using Waterlogue

Did you know that tickets are now on sale for the special exhibit entitled “Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style” at the Seattle Art Museum, affectionately known as SAM. The exhibit will run from October 11, 2016 through January 8, 2017 and will showcase highlights from the designer’s 44 year career which will include items that have never been seen by the public before. In 2008 Mr. B and I were fortunate to see the YSL Style exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the SAM exhibit is something I don’t want to miss. These special fashion exhibits are always fun and informative. Trust me, you definitely walk away with a greater appreciation for the world of fashion.

YSL in his Paris studio, 1965.

YSL in his Paris studio, 1965. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Art Museum.

AW 1965

AW 1965. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Art Museum.

1961 or 1962. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Art Museum.

The upcoming exhibit does not cover the personal life of YSL but I thought I would take advantage of this post to include a few pictures from one of the homes he once inhabited with his partner, Pierre Bergé. Villa Mabrouka, which means “House of Luck”, is located in Morocco situated on the terraced cliffs overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar above downtown Tangier. The home measures 9,688 square feet and is situated on two acres. The home has since been sold since Laurent’s death in 2008 but you can read more about his history with Villa Mabrouka Mabrouka here. 



Alternatively, you can also purchase the book “The Private World of Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Bergé” by Robert Murphy for an indepth look at their stylish lives. Although the book has been around for a bit (published in 2009), it is a must for anyone who loves the world of fashion and interior design. I just love when these two worlds collide, don’t you?


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